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Home > Products > Tarp Systems for Light Duty Trucks, Tarp Kits for Landscape Trucks & Trailers and Service Bodies > Single Axle Truck & Trailer Tarp System - Spring Return "Window Shade" style Tarp Kit
Single Axle Truck & Trailer Tarp System - Spring Return Window Shade style Tarp Kit
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Single Axle Truck & Trailer Tarp System - Spring Return "Window Shade" style Tarp Kit

Item Number: 10328

Price: $651.40
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Light Duty and Landscaping Pull Style Spring Return Tarp system with Wind Deflector and Tailgate Latches. Our Window Shade tarp kit includes all hardware and instructions.  This tarp system will hold around 18' of tarp. Please click on photos and diagrams to get a better view of this tarp covering system. The Wind Deflector is included in this tarp system.

System Includes:

  • Spring Return Tarp Kit, Window Shade Style - This automatically pulls the tarp back into the housing box.
  • Rear Pull Bar & Tail Gate Latches to hold pull bar in place while covering your load. - Pull Bar has a rope attached so you can tarp your load
  • Pull Rope - This rope attaches to the tarp and pull bar, it allows you to maximise your tarp while covering your load and staying on the ground
  • Polished Aluminum Wind Deflector which will reduce air flow under the tarp which will keep tarp from flapping and tearing.
  • Tarp is not included
  • All Installation Instructions ship with product
  • Overall simplicity & low price make this tarp system a perfect fit for landscapers and light duty truck bodies.
  • Affordable tarp system for all haulers 
  • Arm Less Front to Rear Tarping System
  • Use on Dump Trucks, Trailers, rolloff containers, and other open top containers
  • Fully Automatic Tarp Return

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