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Home > Products > Lumber Tarps > Flatbed Waterproof Lumber Tarps 8' Drops, 24' x 27'
Flatbed Waterproof Lumber Tarps 8' Drops, 24' x 27'
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Flatbed Waterproof Lumber Tarps 8' Drops, 24' x 27'

Item Number: 1163

Price: $690.00
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Flatbed Lumber Tarps. Complete set of 2 tarps. Our Flatbed Tarps are built with Extremely High Quality waterproof vinyl. Don't waste your money on Chinese Imported Flatbed Lumber Tarps because they will not last, especially in cold weather climates. AAA Tarps Lumber Tarp line are made with Quality, Durability & Price in mind. We back our Lumber Tarps 100%. There are 3 Rows of Dee Rings on each tarp not 2 like most imports, we also use durable webbing not cheap brittle webbing that will rip & lastly we give you a complete 24' 6" x 27' 6". You will get your money back out of these Flatbed Lumber Tarps, These 8' drop lumber tarps are in stock and & ship same day.

We can ship these tarps from our warehouse in Southern California or our warehouse in South Carolina. SO CALL FOR FREIGHT Questions. Freight paid on large orders.

Standard Features:

  • Material: Coated waterproof black vinyl fabric
  • Reinforced webbing
  • Double rolled edge
  • 12" rain flap
  • Grommets on center at 2' along edges
  • D rings on center every 2'
  • Double Needle Lock Stitch

NOTE: These typical property values are intended as guides only and not as specification limits.

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